The following notes are guidelines; every school has its own special circumstances.  I am very flexible and happy to work around your needs.


Assembly programs last forty-five minutes.

The maximum audience number per assembly program is 250 students.

The standard day includes two assemblies; these should be scheduled "back-to-back" - that is, with fifteen minutes or so in between sessions.  If it is necessary to have a gap of more than thirty minutes between sessions, please let me know well in advance.  Single and triple assembly visits may be arranged - special pricing applies.

Where possible, it's better to group students of about the same age in a large group.  Combining students with a wide span (1st graders with 5th graders, for example) often distracts students from focused listening.

Assemblies may be held in the auditorium, the library or the gymnasium. 

CAFETERIAS: The cafeteria is not an ideal space for storytelling performances. The hum of a refrigerator or drink machine, music and talk from busy kitchen workers, or unexpected food deliveries in the middle of a story can lessen the effectiveness of the program. 


The standard day for a visit with small groups includes 5 sessions.  For grades 2-9 these sessions are 45 minutes; for grades K and 1 they are 30 minutes.  Different grades may be arranged in any order throughout the day.

The maximum number of students for a classroom session is 60.  The ideal schedule is a single class per session, but up to three classes can be combined in one classroom.  Students may sit at their desks, or gather on the floor, as the teacher prefers. 

Scheduling a day of programs can be tricky, working around student lunches, recess, and special subject periods - I am available for the whole day; one or two gaps in the schedule may be unavoidable and are not a concern.

I don't require a lot of time between sessions - just enough to get to the next class; five minutes is usually plenty. 

There is virtually no set required up for a classroom program.